Rest assured!  We didn’t die of consumption at Thanksgiving!  We’re just a little behind.  And speaking of behinds, on Thanksgiving morning the septic system backed up in Kim and Patricia’s house, causing the toilets to overflow upon flushing.  So appetizing, right!  Thankfully with the exception of wet floors in the bathrooms, no damage was done inside.  But outside, Kim and Tye began digging out the septic tank and leach line to fix the problem and it ended up being a 5 day project!  I’m sure you are very disappointed you missed out on the ranch work that week!  Thankfully the fear of the flush has passed, and the flow of crap is back to normal around here!

Mooving on!  We’re happy to announce that our 2013 Spring Cattle Drive is going to be on March 17th-23rd!  We’ll rotate 50 pairs from Burnt Well to the lease and back.  We’ll drive 50 head from Burnt Well to the lease on Monday and Tuesday, gather the 50 at the lease that need to be brought home on Wednesday, and drive them to Burnt Well on Thursday and Friday.  If you’re interested in going please call Patricia soon to get your deposit in, because it’s already filling up!  The Fall Cattle Drive is scheduled for October 13th–19th and the itinerary will be pretty much the same as the Spring Drive.  Some other dates you might be interested in are:

• Feb 3-9 – Branding Week – We’ll have about 50 calves to be branded and some will be pretty big

• March 10-16 – Cattle Work – We’ll be working some at the leased ranch and some here at Burnt Well, mainly sorting cattle and getting them ready for the cattle drive the following week.

• May 19-25 – Cattle Work – Again, we’ll be working at the leased ranch, branding and possibly weaning some calves, as well as some cattle work here at Burnt Well.

These weeks are specifically scheduled for cattle work and the space for each is limited.  However, on a working cattle ranch like ours there is always other cattle work to be done throughout the year.

We’ve got a couple things in the works right now, one of which being a world map with tiny dots on it representing where each guest has come from.  We thought this would be a great way to show how far some of you have traveled to experience ranch life with us!  I’m hoping to have it completed next week and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up on the website.   We’re also in the process of setting up a Burnt Well Twitter account!  Which means, in addition to cat, dog, sheep, and cattle feed, we’ll soon have newsfeed!  We feel so fancy!  If you have a Twitter account please let us know what types of things you’d like to see from us!  AND, next week in our blog we will be featuring one of Patricia’s recipes!

For some reason, I wasn’t compelled to take pictures of Kim and Tye working hard on the Septic System. Hopefully this will suffice!

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