Specialty Weeks at Burnt Well Ranch

Regulator Ride Camp Out

August 18-23, 2024 (SOLD OUT)

In August 2017  had what we called a ‘Regulator’ ride and campout week.  It has become an annual event.  It is a 5 day event, arriving Sunday afternoon,  departing Friday morning. Some of the country we will be riding in could have steep and rugged terrain with some challenging moments. This is not a trail ride, we are NOT “going for a ride” everyday, we are exploring the historic ranch country of Lincoln County horseback.  We will likely get off the trail ( if there even is a trail) and be in brushy country.  You MUST be able to RIDE your horse and steer him away from obstacles that could be in your path. YOU are to be the one in control of where your horse goes, not the horse!

This is probably not a good fit for beginner riders or riders who expect a completely controlled environment.

We will have a beautiful camp spot near Lincoln in Billy the Kid country. We will spend our time exploring this area horseback, as well as visiting Lincoln (the preserved ghost town where Billy the Kid escaped from jail and the hub of the Lincoln County War) and its various museums, we also plan to find the murder site of John Tunstall.

Some of the wildlife you may be privileged to see could be deer, elk, coyotes, rabbits, etc. This ride lends itself to more flexibility than a cattle drive. It’s ‘adventure component’ is more in the terrain we will be riding through and the nature of exploring new country where you might not always know what’s around the bend.

We will provide you with a horse, tack, ‘cowboy’ bedroll (a 3” mattress made up with sheets, blankets and wrapped in a canvas tarp), ‘cowboy’ teepee, cot (if you want to sleep under the stars but are a little squeamish about being right on the ground), all the scrumptious campfire/dutch oven cooking you can hold, and as much creature comforts as we can pack into our rig! You just need to worry about bringing your clothes, riding gear and a spirit of adventure!

“Tentative” itinerary:

Sunday, Aug. 18 – ‘afternoon’ arrival, stop by the ranch to pack your things in the 58 qt plastic tub (what you can pack in the tub is what you can take on the ride). Travel to the campsite (1 ½ hour car trip), arrive in time for your first Dutch oven supper. Campfire and get acquainted under the stars.

Monday, Aug. 19- ride to and explore Lincoln

Tuesday, Aug. 20- ride to and explore Ft. Stanton

Wednesday, Aug. 21-ride in the same mountains that Billy the Kid rode in

Thursday, Aug. 22–break camp, ride to hwy 380, travel to and search for the John Tunstall murder site. Head back to Burnt Well Guest Ranch for showers, relaxing, our first indoor meal of the week and lots of stories!

Friday, Aug. 23– breakfast and farewells

“We took part in last years Regulators Camp, I want to say how amazing it was I want to recommend it you anyone who wants to experience a unique outdoor week in the experienced hands of Kim and Patricia. It is a once in a life time experience!”

– Alison Bucknell, UK

Rates & Booking Information

  • Five-day event, afternoon arrival
  • Cost per person $2,850 plus tax
  • Prices include meals, horse & tack, bedroll, etc.
  • Space is limited to 8 guests, based on deposit received
  • Free airport transfer from the Roswell Airport

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