Burnt Well Guest Ranch is owned and operated by Kim and Patricia Chesser.

Kim is a lifelong cowboy from a traditional ranching family background. He was born and raised on the Chesser Ranch, purchased by his father, Ivan Chesser in 1950. Kim has a love for the ranching lifestyle, but has a greater love for people. Kim’s wife, Patricia, is also a native New Mexican who enjoys making people feel at home by seeing that your comforts are taken care of and providing plenty of good ole country food. She rides when she finds the time and can be always be persuaded to play some sweet fiddle music.

Kim and Patricia have spent their entire married life entertaining people where their easy and warm hospitality makes people feel at home and welcome. They have a special passion for strengthening the family unit and want to provide a place where families—from grandparents down to the little ones—can get away from the high-tech, fast-paced life, so many have found themselves in. Burnt Well also provides a unique place for folks who just need some peace, quiet and down time.

Kim & Patricia Chesser

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