Where is the Ranch?

Burnt Well Guest Ranch is located in southeastern New Mexico approximately 40 miles from the city of Roswell.

By air travel:
Guests of Burnt Well can fly into international airports in El Paso, Texas or Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is also air service into Roswell Municipal Airport from DFW in Dallas, TX as well as Phoenix on American Eagle.

By car:
If you are driving to the ranch we will send you a map with detailed directions. Please, do not depend on your navigation system, Google maps, etc. They have never actually been to Burnt Well and don’t know the roads or most efficient or scenic route to the ranch. We’ve lived here over 60 years, collectively, and know the best ways to bring you in, as well as the current road conditions. Please, trust us on this! And, no you won’t be able to call if you get lost, because there is little to no cell phone service once you leave pavement, 19 miles from the ranch. By following our directions, you’ll save us all a lot of frustration and get your ranch vacation off to a good start!

Planning a road trip? Below is a table showing approximate mileage from Burnt Well Ranch to major cities in the southwest.

CityDistance (in miles)
Albuquerque, NM220
Dallas, TX478
El Paso, TX210
Fort Worth, TX449
Houston, TX670
San Antonio, TX471
Santa Fe, NM220
Tucson, AZ449

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