It has been so fun watching “Skyflower”, one of our Century Plants bloom! Many of you have been following its progress on our Facebook Page and we have really enjoyed your feedback!   On April 9th we noticed it starting to bloom and at that point it was only a few inches tall.  Within a matter of days it was as tall as Teagan and in one week it had already reached 59.5 inches.  It has now been 6 weeks and in that short time it has grown over 11 feet!  At it’s current height of 134 inches, divided by 45 days, it’s average rate of growth is 2.97 inches PER DAY!

At face value it seems like Century Plants are impatient bloomers, but as I’ve watched it grow I’ve realized it’s just really good at seizing the moment.  These plants live anywhere between 10 to 30 years and only bloom once in their lifetime.  It tolerates the drought and waits patiently; not knowing when in the span of all those years, it will reach it’s potential and bloom.  Sound familiar?  When its time does come though, it makes the most of the growth process, and wastes no time in reaching it’s maximum potential.

As a young wife and mother, this is a lesson I can apply in my own life, and when I pass a Century Plant in the pasture, I’ll look at in a whole new way.  The next time you feel impatient, or when an opportunity for growth comes your way, I hope you’ll think of our Century Plant and be encouraged too.

All the little buds on the blooms have yet to open up, and we promise to let you know as soon as they do!

4/15 59.5 inches

April 15th – 59.5 inches

4/22 79 inches

April 22nd – 79 inches

4/29 104 inches

April 29th – 104 inches

5/6 120 inches

May 6th – 120 inches

5/22 134 inches

May 22nd – 134 inches

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