For various reasons, many of our guests find themselves with time in Roswell on either side of their Ranch Stay.  Sometimes it’s due to flight times, and some guests, especially those flying from overseas, choose to arrive a day early to give their internal clocks time to adjust.  If you find yourself in this category, we highly recommend checking out Roswell Escapes, LLC!


Our Experience

We had heard of Escape Rooms before, but hadn’t played one ourselves until we went with a group of friends in December.  Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical before we arrived.  To us, Roswell’s Alien reputation is a bit ridiculous, but it’s also a significant boost to the local economy.  So while we appreciate the draw it creates for tourists, as locals we tend to shy away from all things UFO.

When we walked in the door, we were happy to see the owners weren’t wearing tinfoil hats and instead are a very normal-in-a-good-way husband and wife duo, who thought Roswell could benefit from an attraction such as this.  Two of the couples in our group had played Escape Rooms in other cities, so for those of us that were new to it, the owners explained the basic ideas and goal, gave us a few pointers, and answered our (non clue related) questions.  Then, as nicely as could be done, they locked us in the Biohazard Room.


The eight of us worked individually at times, joined forces on some puzzles, and bounced ideas and theories around until our heads were spinning.  I didn’t know stress could ever be a fun thing, but in this case it definitely was!  In the end we unlocked the door with time on the clock and plenty of laughter and memories to last.  The team at Roswell Escapes has managed to create an experience that not only attracts tourists, but one locals can also enjoy over and over again.

Source: Roswell Escapes, LLC Facebook Page

Check It Out For Yourself

For more info and to view availability, visit their website

You can also check them out on Facebook  Roswell Escapes, LLC

*We did not receive any incentives, this is just our honest review and recommendation for a fun time *



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