It has nearly been two weeks since the end of the Fall Cattle Drive, and our sides are just now starting to recover.  The only time we weren’t laughing was when we were sleeping, and in the morning we were laughing about what happened while we were sleeping.  Word to the wise – Kim might be the boss, but it doesn’t mean he always knows what’s going on.  Casey, a Pastor from North Carolina arrived late on Sunday night.  Really late, after everyone had gone to bed.  In the dark, Kim guessed which room the men were staying in and directed Casey to the only empty bunk in the Indian** room.  He guessed wrong.  Casey woke up to a room full of shocked women!  Thank goodness everyone had such a good sense of humor, because hilarity ensued for the entire week.

Major League Baseball’s motto is “Legends are made in October”.  It holds true in Baseball and it also holds true here at Burnt Well!  This October was especially busy with The Chisum Challenge Drive and the Fall Drive spaced a week apart.  The amount of work involved, although tiring, is not legendary.  The strangers who arrive on Sunday and the family members who leave on Saturday are what make each cattle drive legendary.

Steve-O can tell you, the first time he came to Burnt Well in 2006 also happened to be our first cattle drive.  He returned for the Chisum Challenge Drive at the beginning of the month, marking his 17th time at Burnt Well!  It’s an incredible honor to us that he has chosen to spend his vacation time with us, as it is with each of you who have crossed our cattle guard – regardless of how many times you have been here.  Some of the great Burnt Well Legends have only been here once, and that is all it takes for you to make a lasting impact on us.  So, to our Chisum Challengers; Steve-O from Rhode Island, Paul from Long Island, Snoops, Ian, and David, from London, Bob and Bill from Pennsylvania, and Stacy and Ron from Amsterdam – to our Burger King Babysitters; Maria from New York, Jane from England, Casey from North Carolina, Mary from Albuquerque, Tim and Liz from Austin, Mike from Canada, and Chris from Switzerland, thank you for lasting memories and legendary stories!

** If Bob Costas comes knocking it’s the “Multicultural Heritage” room

Horses at Camp

One evening on our Fall Drive the horses were feeling fresh and ran through camp, Maria used her cell phone camera to take this picture at the perfect time, capturing the beauty in the chaos. Thanks Maria!

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