When I picked up the mail yesterday, there was a “Southwest meetings + events” publication with a couple paragraph on Burnt Well in the “Hey Dude” article, written by Christine Bailey, beginning on page 33. Here’s what was said,

‘Most of the ranches in the Southwest are small and accommodate groups of four to 30. Burnt Well Guest Ranch, which can host up to 10 guests at a time, is a working cattle and sheep ranch on more than 15,000 acres an hour outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

“It’s unique but strenuous,” says Patricia Chesser, who owns Burnt Well with her husband Kim. Most of their guests are looking for this type of ranching experience and Burnt Well delivers. In addition to ranch activities like horseback riding and cattle branding, Burnt Well offers several week-long cattle drives each year. On the drive, guests spend three to four days on horseback as they herd cattle 20 to 30 miles from one range to another.’

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