Thirsty cows!!

We had a close call this week with our cattle on the Kerr Ranch that we lease from the city of Roswell. The man that lives on that place called Wednesday night to tell us that the cows were out of water. He had noticed that they were hanging around his house for a while, and when he investigated found them with nothing to drink. When we called the city to see what was going on, they said that they were having issues with a reservoir and had turned off all the pumps. It had been over a week. Up until now, they have been really good to let us know about even the smallest of water issues, so Kim wasn’t too worried when he hadn’t been down there to check the water in several days. The city assured us they would get water back in the troughs ASAP. When Kim and the guests went down there to drive the cattle back to the water, he found them in drastically poor condition and looking over the fence longing to go somewhere else to find water. But thankfully all the cows were accounted for, alive and provided plenty of water to drink. The next morning Kim took a load of feed to them to hopefully give them a boost to overcome the slump they were in. He found them in much better shape and again all accounted for. Just a reminder not to take too much for granted. At least it has been cool and not the heat of the summer!

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