Anyone who has experienced it will probably agree that it is not easy living in a house while it’s being remodeled.  While it’s had it’s challenges, it’s also been fun to be here while the crew is working.  It’s amazing to us how quickly they work and how quickly you can see their progress.  If we were doing it all ourselves, it’s safe to say things would be moving along like Molasses in December!

The exterior of the house used to be siding, but since we’re redoing everything, we’re having it stuccoed to match the Bunkhouse and Casita.  The first coat, called the “Brown Coat” has been completed, but we’re not sure why they call it brown, it looks gray to us!  If any of you know why, please let us know!

photo 5


The framework for the kitchen cabinets are in place and the flooring is going down throughout the house.

photo 3 photo 3 photophoto 1










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