Cowboys & Indians magazine

We're in the 'Cowboys & Indians' June/Special Collector's Edition magazine! Burnt Well Guest Ranch was listed as one of the top 11 "Working Dude Ranches Worth Waking up Early For" in the Best of the West section.

Another Burnt Well/cowboy perspective on the economy, value of money, and we’ll add work ethic to it:

Good things come to those who wait and work like crazy while they’re waiting......more to follow.....

More Burnt Well/cowboy perspective on the economy, value of money, etc.:

The cost of a thing usually has little to do with its value. Stay tuned for more.....

Burnt Well/cowboy perspective on $$ values and the economy

· Some people spend more time wanting what they don’t have than enjoying what they do. Stay tuned, more to follow.

Spring Bonney Drive, new camp mascot

This spring's cattle drive was completely out of the ordinary! Fewer guests than normal (no surprise with the economy and uncertainty of the times), fewer days at camp (and a cold one at that), Wed.-Tues (instead of Sun.-Sat.) and our firs...t…

Happy Easter!!

This week’s thoughts from Burnt Well: Two great stress reducers: I’m sorry. I forgive you. And on that note something I heard on the radio yesterday: Let’s celebrate the resurrection today (and this week) by forgiving someone, whether…


Dude Ranch style cattle drives:Drive any number of cattle from point A to point B, which could be from one to ten miles. On these drives we typically sleep and eat most, if not all meals, at the ranch but may have the occasional need to pack…

Food for thought from Burnt Well:

Almost anything is easier to get into than out of.

Something to ponder:

Here's a Burnt Well quote for this week: You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try!