Our blogger has been in the family way expanding our family and somewhat distracted because of it, so Kim and Patricia are going to try to keep you updated.  Feel free to hold us accountable!

We’ve had a great guest year, so-so rain year, not so good horse year.  We lost two horses earlier this summer, Marshall, a new horse with tons of promise, and Felix, which many of our guests will remember.  They will truly be missed.

We have a few new horses in our string; Badger (a big stocking legged chestnut gelding), Be Big (this is his registered name, but we are open for nickname suggestions as Kim has a hard time remembering Be Big, he’s a gray gelding) and Pocito Poncho (stands about 13.1 and has a heart bigger than Texas! a solid sorrel gelding).

Kim and Tye used Pocito Poncho and Be Big earlier this week helping the neighbors brand their calves.  Pictured below Tye is dragging on Pocito Poncho, a calf that weighs probably half as much as the horse.  And that’s Kim on Be Big after he had drug some calves.

Many of you remember ‘Mo’, our ‘go to’ large horse.  Somehow last week he tore the tendons in his right hind leg.  The vet also diagnosed him as being diabetic, so when he recovers from his owie, he’ll embark on a 30 day diabetes treatment plan. “Gotta have Mo back in full form!!”Mo web largePocito Pancho web large Be Big (2) web large

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