This past week on the ranch has been all about preparation!  Not the –H kind you might think of after a long day in the saddle, but the making lists and checking them off kind!  This coming Thursday the 8th, kicks off the 17thAnnual WRCA World Finals Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, TX!  Aside from the top-notch rodeo in the evenings, during the day you’ll find a Ranch Expo and Trade Show that alone are worth the drive!

Many of you have gotten to watch as Kim, Tye, and Tim Ballard have competed in the Ranch Rodeos during your visits so you’ve gotten to see first hand that this is not your typical rodeo!  These rodeos are about the working ranch cowboy, not the 8 second-main event-asphalt cowboy.  Ranch Rodeos do have a Ranch Bronc Event, which is similar to Saddle Bronc Riding, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.  The rest of the events, such as Stray Gathering, Team Sorting, and Branding showcase the things working cowboys do on a regular basis, and because of this it’s a team sport.  There are also the crowd favorite events like Wild Cow Milking, and Trailer Loading.  If you’ve never been to a Ranch Rodeo we encourage you to go to one!  It’s entertaining, educational, and it helps you appreciate some of the occupational hazards these guys (and gals) face on a daily basis!  Qualifier rodeos are held through out the year all over the US, so you might be able to find one close to you!

Chesser Ranch didn’t compete in any qualifiers this year, but Kim and Patricia will still have their Burnt Well booth set up in the Ranch Expo.  This is a great way for them to promote the Guest Ranch, because the attendees of the Trade Show and Rodeo are looking for authenticity, and that is what you find at Burnt Well!  If you are going to be in the Amarillo area please stop by the booth and say hello!

You’ll find all the fun you need at the Amarillo Convention Center and you’ll find all the info you need on the WRCA website!

Chesser Ranch will be competing in a few qualifiers next year and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about the dates and locations incase you want to help cheer them on from the stands!

Kim and Patricia catch a breath before the doors open to the Ranch Expo at the WRCA World Finals



Wild Cow Milking - Adam Sawyer, Tye, and Kim wrestle with this unruly cow, while Tim Ballard (not pictured) has her roped.

Kim and Tye work together to get this steer tied in the Stray Gathering

Tim got'er roped! Photo by guest Markus Kobi

Haley, Tim and Tye ride through the rain in Colorado Springs – Photo by guest Markus Kobi

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