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We’ve got a littler of Borgi puppies ready to find a new home!  Incase you are wondering what a Borgi is, it’s a cross between and Border Collie and a Corgi.  Their Mom is Biscuit, one of our Border Collies and their Dad is Gravy our red colored Corgi.  They make a great combination, and Burnt Well has kind of become known for them.  They are very smart dogs, with the willingness to please of a Border Collie, and the happy disposition of a Corgi…a smart, happy dog, with a unique look!  They are 8 weeks old and will be getting their puppy vaccinations on Tuesday March 5th.



Borgi Litter Spring B1


Borgi Litter Spring B2

Borgi Litter Spring B3

BOrgi Litter Spring B4


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    • Hi Pamela,
      Yes, I was late getting the word out for these puppies, so we still have 5, all the boys and girl #1. I am planning to take them all to the vet tomorrow, Tuesday March 5, to start their shots. After that the girl will be $300.00 and the boys will be $250.00. Unless you want to get her without the shots. If so I’ll need to know before noon tomorrow, mountain standard time. Looking forward to hearing back from you,
      p.s. where do you live?

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